Auto Patch

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using the auto patch;

This is an open auto patch.  This means anyone may use it.   Your continued financial support keeps this feature on the air.

The auto patch does not operate between the hours of midnight and 6am.  The patch is turned off automatically and there is no means to over-ride the system by a repeater user.

 911 calls wont work through the auto patch.  In an emergency, you can call the Lincoln Police or Lancaster County Sheriff at 402-441-6000 through the auto patch.  The auto patch will allow calls anywhere in the United States by dialing a 10 digit number.  In the future, we hope to develop some phone features like 511 for road information.

It is often helpful to tell the person on the other end of the call that you are using an auto patch.  If necessary, explain you are using a radio to make the call and that they have to wait until you are done talking in order to hear them.

Our auto patch is limited to a 3 minute call only.  You will hear audible warning beeps indicating the call will be disconnected soon.  If you do not hang up the call yourself by the end of 3 minutes, your call will be disconnected automatically and may cut off your conversation.

Everything you or the other party says is transmitted over the air and through the repeater for everyone to hear.  With this in mind, please be aware of the content of the call.  You are responsible to insure there are no obscenities transmitted over the air by the person on the phone.  If you feel that this may be a challenge, don’t make the call until that person understands the importance of keeping it clean.


For those familiar with auto patch operations, in simple terms; *85 up and # down.


If you are interested in operating the auto patch, the instructions are pretty easy to follow.

Identify your station and indicate you are accessing the auto patch.

Transmit  *  8  5  (star eight five) to bring up the auto patch.

The repeater will announce, “Please Identify “.

Please identify your station.

The repeater will pause for a period then announce, “Auto patch ready. Use area code please”.

At this point, enter the 10 digit telephone number you wish to dial.

The repeater will then announce, “Please identify”.

Please identify your station.

After your party answers, you can then carry on a telephone conversation using your radio.

To end your call, transmit # (pound) to hang up.

The repeater will then announce, “Telephone off [the date and time] patch [patch number] complete”.

Identify your station and you are done!