On August 15, 2012, the KØLNE repeater began using Echolink!

After a couple of attempts with computers which didn’t have enough power, we were finally able to get on the air.

Our node number is 368525

This is an open repeater.  Anyone may use the repeater and any features it has available including Echolink.

Echolink is a software program which allows users to make calls to anywhere across the globe using the repeater, their computer microphone and speakers, or even Android and I-phone operating systems on their smart phone.  Users can talk repeater to repeater, or any combination of repeater, computer or phone.  Conferences may also be accessed.

As a security measure, in order to use a computer or cell phone to access Echolink, you need to go through a simple validation process.  This is to insure only ham operators are accessing the system before you may log in to the software.

You may always access the Echolink system by radio, without this validation.

You can learn lots of information about Echolink by clicking on the ECHOLINK WEBSITE.

At present, the number of stations which can access the node from a computer or phone, at the same time, is limited to 3.

Our node is open for anyone to use, 24 hours a day.

When you are done, please make sure you have disconnected from whatever connection you have made.


Once you have determined which node or conference you wish to connect, the process is simple.

Enter the four, five, or six digit node number where you wish to connect. The disconnect command is ‘ # ‘.

When you are done, please make sure you have disconnected from whatever connection you have made.

** Please note that during severe weather, the repeater may be connected to a conference;

node 256740 “NEBRASKA” – This is the Nebraska Hub from Hastings.

When connected to a conference node, please limit your use of the repeater unless you are involved with
the net, since your radio transmissions will be heard by the entire net.

For a list of Echolink stations in the area, you can consult the software.