Lincoln Repeater Club Inc.

KØLNE 146.850 (-)

Echolink Node 368525

Lincoln, Nebraska

The Lincoln Repeater Club has one goal.

To provide a repeater system to facilitate reliable amateur radio communications.

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It is now WINTER, Brrrr….and the Lincoln Repeater Club is looking at a variety of events during this coming year.  Auctions, Hamfests, Raffles, Swap Meets, Operating Events, and a bunch of Ham related Happenings.  Please become a member of the Lincoln Repeater Club, 146.850 (-) MHz.  Our annual dues are low, and you help to support the operations and maintenance of our local VHF repeater with UHF links, as well as a Phone Patch, and Echolink capabilities.  

2014 was a very active and successful year, thank you for supporting the Lincoln Repeater Club.   

We encourage you to use our repeater as much as you like, and as always it is an OPEN repeater.  If your part of the hobby would like to hold nets on the repeater, please contact me WD0AOP-Lonnie (, or one of our Board members and we will get your net reserved, advertised, and “on the air”.


Congratulations to the New LARC Board members elected last month, and  A very special thanks to the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club (LARC) for allowing us to be a part of the LARC Monthly Newsletter, providing us with an spot to promote our memberships, and all of the support during the year for Ham Activities.


The Lincoln Repeater Clubs Annual Meeting has been scheduled for January 17th, 2015 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at the Loren Corey Eiseley Branch Library

located at 1530 Superior Street.


Please consider Joining or Renewing your current membership to help support the Lincoln Repeater Club.  As always, when you attend monthly LARC meeting, see Chris KC0AOO to Join LRC or to renew your LRC Annual dues.  If you don’t attend the meetings or can’t get to the club meetings, we still do “Snail Mail”, and Send your $10 membership dues to:


Lincoln Repeater Club


6705 W. Mill Rd.

Raymond, NE.  68428-4308


Thank you for your support.  73’s

Lonnie Rech, WD0AOP                              

Lincoln Repeater Club




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